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Bootleg Live, Vol. 1 (previously released as Songs from the Vault) is a live compilation album by The Free Rock Trio. It was released on November 29, 2019, and is the first release under the new moniker. The album consists of the eight in-studio performances featured on Bootleg Series' first season, which premiered from October 7 to November 13, 2019. The album (and season) serves as the first entry in the Free Rock Saga.

The album features 7 songs from various albums in the Threadsboro Saga alongside the album's only single, "Bringing Me Down." "Sunburn," "There Goes My Mind," and "Way Back Home" are pulled from New Threads's fourth LP Threadsboro,"Neighbors" and "The Bread" are from Felonious Wilma, "Peach" is from NEW THREADS, and "Calvin Klein" from Death in the Afternoon. Subsequently, "Head in the Sand" was added upon re-release, and is taken from the group's debut LP Free Rock.

This album is not available on Apple Music or iTunes, due to a licensing dispute regarding the use of New Threads songs.


Prior to the name change from New Threads to The Free Rock Trio, this album was known as Songs from the Vault.

In March 2020, the band returned with a second season of Bootleg Series, opening with "Head in the Sand" in episode 9. However, due to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, the season was halted (and later resumed with a different format), and "Head in the Sand" was added to the tracklist following the name change.

Track listing[]

# Song title Time
1 Sunburn - Live on Bootleg Series 3:15
2 Neighbors - Live on Bootleg Series 7:28
3 There Goes My Mind - Live on Bootleg Series 8:33
4 The Bread - Live on Bootleg Series 2:35
5 Bringing Me Down - Live on Bootleg Series 6:52
6 Way Back Home - Live on Bootleg Series 8:47
7 Calvin Klein - Live on Bootleg Series 5:23
8 Peach - Live on Bootleg Series 8:15
9 Head in the Sand - Live on Bootleg Series 9:19
Total 60:27


Jacob Keplinger - Guitar, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork

Justin Siegel - Drums, Vocals

James Siegel - Bass, Vocals

Mike Mazzu - Lead Guitar on "Bringing Me Down"