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Bootleg Live, Vol. 3 (subtitled Live at Dungeonfest, Weymouth, MA, 9/25/21) is the third volume of an ongoing series of live albums by Massachusetts-based psychedelic rock band The Free Rock Trio. It consists of their full set at Dungeonfest on September 25, 2021. Due to the nature of covers appearing in live sets, the band will avoid releasing most volumes of Bootleg Live on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Background + Recording[]

Unlike Bootleg Live, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, which consisted of in-studio live recordings (the latter of which even less so, being recorded in isolation) the third volume features an actual live performance from the Trio. Listeners will note rather quickly that the vocals are less than present- this is due to bad recording from the board where the vocal mix was sourced from. Just before the Trio's set, it started to rain (the festival was outside) so the band carried on, but some pieces were lost- the vocal mix being the primary one.

Keplinger felt compelled by the quantity of live music available from the Grateful Dead, and wanted to "get ahead of releasing all of our shows before I die," implying that the Dead didn't start releasing all of their live material until after Jerry Garcia's passing in 1995. This inspired him to take one of his grandfather's briefcases from the early 1970's and transform it into a mobile recording rig. It houses a 2-channel USB interface, multiple 2-channel SD recorders, and holds microphones and mounts while traveling. The mics on stage are virtually invisible to the crowd this way, and makes for efficient set-up and breakdown.

Track Listing[]

The entire album plays in sequence as one track. After "Racket," Keplinger's guitar fell out of tune, and a pedalboard malfunction earlier in the day left him without a tuner. The result of this is the album's third track, "Tuning."

# Song Title Time
1 Jam 1:39
2 Racket 5:53
3 Tuning 0:42
4 Captain Trips 4:20
5 Ida (In the Hills) 4:03
6 The Lowdown 5:59
7 Noggin 2:00
8 Fantastic! 5:00
9 Hocus Pocus (Focus Cover) 1:10
Total 31 minutes


Jacob Keplinger - guitars, vocals

Justin Siegel - drums

James Siegel - bass