PINK HAT® Universe

Guyamar is the name of the supercontinent on a revitalized Earth, billions of years in the future during the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. It is ruled by King Buford, the last of a cow/man mutant species that was born out of a nuclear fallout in the Human Era. The capital city of Guyamar is Baytu, located in the northeastern quarter of the land mass.

Humans discovered Guyamar via portals that were opened in the late 1700's, and areas of Guyamar became quickly populated. However, Buford's species was growing strong, and a war erupted between the colonizers and the Guyamen. This war was won by the Guyamen, and their new ruler- King Buford- destroyed all portals in Guyamar. The surviving humans were locked away in large castle-cities across the continent, but nuclear fallout slowly killed them one by one.

King Buford's colony of Baytu stands strong within a nuclear shelter castle. His right-hand-man, Bagman, is a sorcerer who is capable of opening portals back to Earth, as well as to other realities. The remaining portals on Earth were protected by the Blind Men Brotherhood, a cult that vowed to protect the remaining "gifts" from civilization's threats. Six portals remained on Earth by 1800: the primary two being on the Mexico/US line in the mountains of Womble and in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. The other four were destroyed before 1810, mostly by Bagman himself, but the Nashua one would be destroyed by The Threadsboro Mafia in 2017.

Throughout Guyamar are various communes built on survivors of past nuclear fallout pandemics, and banished city-folk. The generic term used for these communes is 'the hills.'

Threadsboro Mafia[]

Mafia leader Russel Anderson discovered the Atlantis portal in Nashua on a sudafed pickup, and murdered all of the Blind Men protectors. This triggered a collapse of the portal, and Russel escaped by the skin of his teeth. He was arrested soon after for destruction of property (the bridge where the portal lived underneath) and drug possession, locked up for 10 years.

However, in 2019, he was let out on a technicality, which pissed off his brother, Rock. Rock murdered Russ for this, which started a chain of events that led to Rock's discovery of the Space Jamaica portal in Mexico. Having killed the three mafia leaders, Rock traded their heads in exchange for passage through the portal. Rock now lives in a commune roughly eighty miles south of Baytu.