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The 'Sunburn Bass,' also known as the 'Seymour Butts Bass' and the 'Alcohol Bass,' is a commonly seen bass guitar by Jay Turser, seen often at New Threads live performances during the NEW THREADS album cycle. It was also featured in the Threadsboro promo shots and videos. It has been used on every album in the Threadsboro Saga.

New Threads frontman Jacob Keplinger purchased the bass from Maple Cap drummer Elliott Eastman in August 2016 just prior to Keplinger moving to Tennessee.

While bassist Robby Angelotti did not use the bass on New Threads' debut, Keplinger later overdubbed various bass sections using the instrument.

The bass can be seen hanging on the wall at PINK HAT® Boston, visible in the first nine episodes of Bootleg Series. However, the bass was destroyed when the studio closed down and is thus a lost relic of the Threadsboro Saga.

Seen in:[]

Along with their live performances, where the bass is most well-known, the bass has appeared in a handful of videos and artwork as well: