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'The Echo' refers to New Threads frontman Jacob Keplinger's 2003 Toyota Echo. He has mentioned this car in 3 songs- "Alcohol," "The City," and "Strawberry Shake." The car appeared in the lyric video for "Alcohol" as well as the "There Goes My Mind" music video. Beyond its' starring roles, The Echo has also proved to be a useful tool. A camera was ratchet-strapped to the back for the filming of the "Alone, Leave Me" video, and photo shoots from the NEW THREADS cycle utilize the vehicle as well.

The Echo was also used to film the majority of the Free Rock movie. At the end of "15/16," the camera approaches the car and gets inside- the entirety of "Bongo" and most of "Sudafed" are inside the vehicle, and the camera returns to the car for "Free Rock" and "Womble."

In June of 2020, The Echo was sold when Keplinger purchased a 2017 Honda Fit, which can be seen in the music video for "Next Step" and "Bagman."